Where Does Our Name Come From?

The name "Angelus Attorneys" reflects what the office stands for


Human resources expert

As an expert in the field of human resources management we assist enterprises, employees and authorities in their search for the most appropriate solution to every labour law-related issue. In earlier days the Angelus bell urged the agricultural laborers to some (self-)reflection, before work, at lunchtime, and at the end of the working day. Today Angelus Attorneys assists enterprises and working people with the crucial phases of their businesses and careers.

Brother in arms

The Angelus ("angel" in Latin) is a universal and old symbol: the guardian angel, the saving angel, the angel of vengeance In the same way, Lady Justice originally carried the sword and the balance in the hands and the wings on her back.


The ángelos, Greek for "messenger", interprets and translates the opinions of his Lord, the attorney does the same for his client.

Angelus Attorneys. We live up to our name!

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